Welcome to the bot page for Tsumiki

just some simple features and commands

Over Tsumiki

Basic Stuff

here you can find the info for Tsumiki and all her features.

like commands

why i made her

and donation pages

command page


link to the support server:

support server

or send me a DM discord name:


Commands And Info


i made Tsumiki as a side project i did think that it would even need a site i mean i did even know that it would become this thing even. She then became one of my old time bots and i mad here with a lot of love and fun that is all i had to over for her. She may lag from time to time because of my i host it my self on a potato laptop that can't handle a whole lot of things

She supports music from:

  • Soundcloud
  • Youtube
  • And when i want to local files

Commands And Features


  • Admin commands
  • Colorme commands
  • CustomReactions
  • Gambling commands
  • Game commands
  • Help Commands
  • Music Commands
  • NSFW commands
  • Perm commands
  • Pokemon commands
  • Search commands
  • Utility Commands
  • XP commands

to get all the commands from a certained Module just type:

tsu.cmds modulename

to get the modules type tsu.modules

if you can't find what you need just headover to the Support Server that is linked in the help command

Donate And Patreon